Monday, 4 December 2017

Chats and meet-ups:

Many of you send me tons of emails, chat requests, comments to my content on social media, all trying to chat, meet up...etc; some are rude, others super nice....

The Media and Internet unfortunately conditioned people in a way making them narrow minded and oblivious to the obvious. I'm writing this as a condensed article about me.

I'm not looking for boyfriends, lovers or husbands
I'm not single, I have a boyfriend. We've been together since high school and I'm ~40 years old so I've been with him for a long time. We love each other beyond what words can convey.

I'm not a paid model and I don't care for followers/subscribers, or likes to my content
I'm not your average Internet model. I do what I do online because I'm expanding my sexuality and experiences. I'm not online to cater to your fantasies. If you happen to enjoy my content then power to you. However, I'm not interested to hear your criticisms or opinions be it constructive or otherwise. Just enjoy my content and if you have something nice to say I'd love to hear it! Sweet comments are always appreciated.

Don't believe anything I post online! It's nothing but stupid fantasies I play-out; I'm not like that in real life.
All my postings online be it family oriented Facebook or pornographic PornHub, it's all but stupid fantasies I play out, a moment fling nothing more. I'm nothing like that in real life! My modo is that if I'm not hurting anyone, not forcing my ways on others and that we live in a free society then what's the harm. If you like to learn about me I dedicated a non-fantasy blog (the real me) and it's ONLY at: AND and nowhere else!

If you do want to get my attention and chat with me
The internet is full of creeps and trolls, for this reason I want a verified picture of you consisting of non nude portrait picture of your face, holding a paper with my name and the days date “hand” written on it! So I know you are real! No exceptions to this rule and I'm not interested to hear why you need to be anonymous be it you're the president of the world or the king of the universe. Without a verified picture I will not acknowledge your existence!

Also a note worthy of mentioning, don't send me anything sexual in nature and make sure your avatar is not a stupid dick picture and your handle is not sexual or you'll be on my bad list for eternity and beyond! The first contact has to be friendly, non sexual and without demands or opinions. Pretend your mother is sitting with you in our meeting in the presence of children in a church! You get the picture? If you pass this stage and I deem you “normal” i.e. not media brainwashed uttering what the billion steeple message me everyday then I will acknowledge you and respond.

I repeat: I'm not paid model, I don't care about subscribers, likes or followers:
I have my own rules I live by and they are in sharp contrast of society preaching. I live by the moto of: if freedom truly exists and you want to live free then RESPECT, DIGNITY, SUCCESS, ACCEPTED...etc. Are nothing but society created shackles preventing you from being you and experiencing life uninhibited! I live my life my way without restrictions. However, I'm mindful of others and I don't force my views and way of thinking on anyone. I follow my heart and people's opinions are not needed.

Sexual encounters, escorting, sugaring and casual sex partners

I felt the need to write something about this subject since I have many followers and I don't want anyone to confuse fantasy with reality. Having multiple sex partners, doing escorting and gang bangs or regular porn is extremely dangerous! Some of today's diseases can spread with saliva (i.e kissing, licking..etc) or even touching (early stage non-visible skin rashes...etc). Even protected sex with tested people is not 100% safe! Someone could be an infectious carrier and won't show on tests until about 3 months have passed. For you to be 100% safe is to have all parties tested for “all” STD's and have them confined (i.e. no possibility of any sexual, drugs...etc encounters) and repeat the FULL STD testing after 3 months and if clear only then you can be sure you wont contract diseases from them.

You will always put yourself at risk when you get intimate with someone. Exploring your sexual fantasies with your trusted regular lover (i.e. boyfriend, husband..etc) is the best way.

Everyone knows I play wild online and the emphasis is “play” i.e. not real! And from what I observed, some guys love to have unprotected sex and some responded to my fake escort ads in which I offered bareback experiences. I was shocked to how many of these guys responded to my ads. Some had girlfriends and wives putting them at risk and spreading diseases.

In conclusion, do not confuse my sexual fake-play with reality! Having multiple sexual partners or casual sex especially unprotected sex is irresponsible and mathematically speaking the odds are greatly not in your favor. This is also one of the main reasons why me and my boyfriend do not swing, have open relationships or include sex partners in our sexuality. Instead, we play-out fantasies together and share it online for whoever wants to see and enjoy them.

Be safe, stay wild and kick the shit always KissRa style baby ;)

Sunday, 19 February 2017

My sexuality

My Sexuality and why I do the online stuff that I do?
I received many messages from Internet users who sent me their verified pictures (i.e. they are not anonymous) and few of them even sent me additional info about themselves. I answered each one of them off course but I thought this subject was not going away anytime soon. Therefore, I am writing this blog.
First off I'll begin to say that what I post online is nothing other than sexual fantasies I play out with very close friends I've known and trusted all my life! Some of these sexual plays are my actual fantasies, some I've done because I was dared to and other sexual plays I've posted online are just me being curious to experience the damn thing and nothing more but it doesn't mean I liked it. I do not chat/collaborate/perform with random anonymous people about any of these fantasies! in order for me to do that I'll have to be attracted to you intellectually beforehand, also I must know you for quite a long time (i.e. years not weeks);  To entice me on an intellectual level, sending me anonymous porn messages accompanied with dick pictures puts you in the idiot pile :)
How the fantasy plays out is very important to us in the group. We go great lengths to make it as real as possible from location to the set and the state it was at when we film or took pictures. The final result should be as realistic amateur shoot as possible hence you live the fantasy by making it a reality in a limited sense. Online you can be anything and anyone,  playing out these fantasies can be quite an experience if you do it right and you are not afraid to be online like myself.  
Now that I've shed light on the above, in real life I'm nothing like the porn content you see of me online. In fact, each of these pictures, videos...etc are nothing but past moments in time. Each a specific instance where we felt something fucked up and wanted to act up on it. Each is a long forgotten memory that's been satisfied and no longer enticing, hence no repetition.
I get bored quickly, I'm curious, easily infatuated with uniqueness, simplicity and honesty. Kindness to others goes a long way with me. Having empathy for living things not being racist and not engaging in politics all traits I like in a person. And off course being very nice to me seals the deal;)
Even with this blog, and all what I write on my web site saying all the online porn is bull shit I still get the majority of people seeing one of my online videos and responding in reflection to that video so I play a long not to kill their fantasy because living in fantasy has it's therapeutic qualities for both sides. However, when some do wake up from their fantasy and realize I'm not a real escort or I don't date guys for money to give them the GFE or I'm not a stripper in a sleazy joint sucking dick and getting drunk, disappointment sets in :)  I tell these guys well, I didn't want to burst your bubble so I played a long, but had you done your homework you would've realized fairly quickly that everything I post anywhere, with the exception of my web site and the blogs listed on my site; everything I post anywhere else is nothing but expended and long gone played out fantasies and it's all bull shit!
Am I going to keep shooting more content? No plans which means we are spontaneous. If the moment presents itself and we all feel the same way it will happen, otherwise bookmark my stuff and keep wanking to what you see haha. Remember, I don't shoot stuff to get you off, but if you happen to get off on the content I post then power to you ;)
Lastly, why post on different sites, why not just one? That's just me being courteous to you by categorizing my content so you can see what you like and avoid stuff that might gross you out. On my web site if you read the description under each site I post on you will know the type of content I post on there.
Hope this explains it to you and don't blame me if you read this blog and discover all your previous messages to me on porn sites were nothing but me playing along when I was bored ha ha :)
KissRa ;)

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Personal hygiene and grooming

I'm writing this blog to answer some of the questions I get from fans and also from experience meeting others. Personal hygiene and grooming is very important! Always take care of yourself, brush your teeth, don't have bad breath, shower, clean yourself properly downstairs...etc.

I personally shave my pussy completely (bald beaver) and I like shaved men as well. Getting pubes stuck between your teeth after a BJ/deep-throat is no fun. How would you look to friends when you smile and there is pubes stuck between your teeth...yuck lol :)

I also do daily enema to cleanse/clean my butt :) I don't just do it for anal sex but it's a healthy habit. You can Google the benefits of enema's and the different types of solutions you can use for cleansing. I use coffee enemas then I rinse with water. Cleaning the pussy is important as well especially after peeing (for women). Using a douche not only feels good but it help me get off lol

So always brush your teeth, clean your tongue, shave your pubes (most women like it shaved), shower, clean your junk and make sure it smells good down there and you will get hotter sexual experience with your significant other ;)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Do I do escort services?

Do I do escort services?
The short answer is NO...the long answer is sort of...I'll explain!

I have some rich sugar daddies who pay me and fly me to their favorite hotel all expenses paid and I do whatever they ask of me and yes its all sexual and perverted!!! some of the images and videos on my porn hub account are the result of those encounters; try to guess which ones?

Those sugar daddies I've known for a long time! I will not fuck any rich guy just because he has money. I only do the ones I've known for quite some time!!! and definitely I do not do escort calls to random strangers...etc.

You might see me on some escort sites but that's just stupid fetish play and I don't do that for real. You will notice my escort adds all lack a phone number or any real contact info “hence” it's fake!

Why do I do all this fetish play and shoot nudes...etc? Because I'm playful, naughty and sexual by nature!!! but not the way stupid porn-Hollywood portrays it. Read my web site and blogs and you will know what I mean.

Why do I do sugar daddies? Well truth is they pay REAL GOOD!!! like you can't imagine!!! off course I can't divulge much info on that but I do it for the money. I figure I know them real well all my life, Both me and the sugar daddy is tested for STD's at a reputable medical facility before any session, I get to travel and live super first class anywhere from a week to a month; and sometimes in different places on the same trip.

Do I meet or fuck fans, random strangers or Internet friends? Absolutely NOT!!! never did and will never do period! WHY? Because there are lots of crazy people out there, because of STD's...and the list goes on and on!!!

Do I go to swinger parties or gang bang parties..etc? Absolutely NOT for the same reason above; Never did and will never do!!!

Who are the people who photograph me and fuck me in those pix and vids on my porn hub account?
They are old friends I've known all my life and we all know each other real well for a very long time and we play often with each other. And, no you can't join in.

You've interacted with me on some other sites, what was that all about? If its not listed on my personal web site then its not me who you interacted with! I don't know and I don't care who that was. I allow anyone to use any of my contents anyway they want. If you want to know the sites where “I” post stuff then check my personal web site! I list all my social media that I'm active on on there

If you guys have any other questions hit me up and I will add it here for the rest of you wankers fapping to sluts on the web ;)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Masters, Mistresses and Dominants

{A true Master must first "submit" to their submissive before she grant him absolute control... by Kissra Lynnkay}

This article describes single, submissive women online-profiles who are seeking a Master, Mistress or Dom

I am writing this blog as an introduction for Masters, Mistresses and Dominants who wish to contact me. I am new to the fetish scene but I consider myself very experienced in the online sexual/porn stuff. Lots of people from all walks of life all over the globe contact me daily and a high percentage of them are “not” anonymous; i.e. I have their verified picture and detailed “factual” information about them. I am also aware that 95% of internet profiles are “fake” i.e. bisexual men, gays, transgenders pretending to be naturally born women parroting what “most” men believe what submissive women are like; hence resulting in many Masters/Doms parroting the same thing in their own online profiles and messages to women. I am also aware that most verified “naturally born women” who do have online profiles are doing it because of their guy influencing them into the life style i.e. all the fetish pictures and videos are all organized and shot by their guy and did not originate from the so called “submissive women” themselves!

I am mentioning the above points to ask every Masters, Mistresses and Dominants to re-think when they communicate with “submissive women”. In most cases [even with verified profiles] you are most likely chatting with her guy (pretending to be the female) who is into this fetish or he has some bi-sexual tendencies or men who love to share/degrade/expose their wives/girlfriends online or in real life!

Note: please do not confuse what I say above with models, cam girls, verified amateurs at porn sites, call-girls...etc. because they will cater to your believes; they are after money, hits and traffic or likes/thumbs up to their content. When I describe “naturally born women” I mean single and verified women (i.e. not influenced) who are horny/submissive and  “not” after marketing themselves or content online for promotional gain.

I also know that there are many guys who are brainwashed into believing whats being parroted online (by mainstream porn) about women sexuality and if you are one of them then what I say in this article will not make sense to you. Therefore I ask that you do not contact me and waste both our times. I am not interested in criticism be it constructive or otherwise, However, if you wish to discuss with me your views then I am open to it as long as you are not criticizing!

Little information about me: I am online because I enjoy it and I am not after marketing my self or content. I am “different” than most “verified naturally born women” online! I don't have a boyfriend or husband who takes my pictures because it turns him on or I am drawn into the lifestyle because of him! I do what I do because I am “verified naturally born woman” who is [single], [submissive] because I like to be controlled, sexual by nature and very [playful] but “not” in the way most men think about women!

If you are truly enlightened and not brainwashed with whats being parroted by fake profiles or profiles “influenced” by men then you will begin to understand what I mean by [“single, independent-in-thought, naturally born women, who are not influenced by her guy's sexual-likes”] then you will begin to recognize and distinguish our online profiles from the “manyfake or not so independent females out there!

I am submissive and I like the guy to take control and will submit to my Master, Mistress or Dominant once I find him/her! Until then I don't respond too positively to the many who are anonymous and parrot the same things that were enshrined by men or the mainstream-porn-industry! Read my fetish blogs before you contact me if you want me to take you seriously! If for whatever reason you can't comply with what I ask in terms of verification and learning about me prior to contacting me then I cannot submit and give myself to you!

Note: Do not confuse this article as me being dominant rather than submissive. Real submissive women will demand to prove and verify their potential Masters, Mistresses or Dominants before we submit to you!

And off course, there are exceptions to each rule! I am only describing the "majority" and not generalizing all

Friday, 20 March 2015

Google Hangout text chat and live cam

On my Google+ anyone is welcome to chat with me and follow my public posts. Add me to your circles and you will see when I'm online and you are welcome to come and text-chat with me on hangout. I chat with everyone.

Things to note when chatting with me

Things to avoid ;)

The rules:
I am not into kidnapping, rape, pain (little tiny bitsi pain is OK :), underage play, incest, violence, gross stuff like period/tampon play, scat, barfing or anything disgusting. No illegal stuff, no bestiality. I will not chat with you if you tell me you are cheating on your wife or girlfriend! I don't use Google hangout for porn, go to porn sites if you are into that! I don't want to hear about your adventures with your under age kids (this is SICK!). Don't be an idiot! If you chat with me about illegal fantasies I will report you! And Google logs account IPs. This stuff should be common sense but its unbelievable the number of ignorant people on this planet; this is why I am putting this text here

How do you know when I am available for chat/cam?
This is a good question! Many people see when I get online and start chatting with me. However, they don't get a response and wonder why. If you see me online its because I am checking my emails or updating my Google+ profile. My hangout chat/cam is muted!
When I have free time for text-chat I post a “public” status update on my Google+ profile saying that I am on chat for anyone to join. It is at that time my hangout is not muted and I will see your chat requests and respond.

For cam, I will send a “private” status update seen only by my cam/verified circles and not the public.

Always put yourself in my shoes when you look at things. I have no less than a 100 men in my city where I live who sent me verified pix, want to meet me for coffee, they all horny, all sending me dick pix and all want to be in my close circle. That is a lot of people! It can be dangerous for me to share where specifically I go and at what times...etc. I don't do that for safety reasons and it will be a mess if every time I go somewhere I get idiots meeting me in coffee shops wanting to fuck or just being stupid. I can tolerate mistakes on chats but in real life it can be different! For this reason I don't do it. unless time passes and I get to know the person real well and build a profile in my head for them, if I get comfortable enough it might happen. I met very few people like that and I have a positive experience. However, I will never meet anyone for sex or because I am horny ...etc. for that I have close friends I trust for sexual stuff.

I am not looking for a boyfriend, husband or anything long term. I have very active lifestyle and I know lots of people from all walks of life. I am very playful and that's my nature but people always misinterpret that for me being horny or wanting a boyfriend or something like that. I can be a good friend and we can talk about anything but that's as far as it will get and only time might change that and nothing else! What I tell guys is to read my site and blogs but not what I post on social media; If you do, you will know how I think and some guys impressed me with that!

So you see if you tell me we can take it slow to get to know one another; I don't want to mislead or upset anyone; that's why I am writing this small novel :)

P.S. Important, I don't use Google hangout chats for porn. If you want to send me pictures do so by email. If you are horny and want a sexual chat go to porn sites. Don't be an idiot and start sending me nudes and talk pornographic on Google. Google is not a porn chat! However, If you do find me online on my porn accounts then go nuts!

Lastly, don't ask me to skype with you or web cam one on one. I do web cam once or twice a week when I have time. I am not a paid cam model so I don't care about entertaining you or camming with random people. I'm not interested to see how hot you look, I'm not into that shit. To see when I am on my cam you need to be added to my live cam circle. To join in read my site under webcam, I don't make exceptions!